Now, glamping, also known as luxury camping or glamorous camping, is basically an experience-based kind of travel that allows guests to get outside and enjoy the great outdoors, only without the hassle of traditional camping. Here I have rounded up 10 of the most remote places to go glamping.


These salt flats are eternally captivating to travelers and now the Kachi Lodge allows you to stay in the middle of this gorgeous landscape. Adding to the brilliant views of the plains ahead, it is the perfect spot for stargazing, or just sitting at a 3.600 mt. elevation. Moreover, this lodge runs on solar energy, with its own water treatment unit for added sustainability.


Here you can really immerse yourself in the Buddhist way of living. Take in the picturesque monasteries of this region during the day, and in the evening you can enjoy private dining with ingredients picked from their own organic garden. Glamping here is open from May to October.


Now, the Treehotel in Sweden is an interesting and camouflaged cube of mirrors residing deep within a forest in northern Sweden. The owners were inspired by the film ‘The Tree Lover‘ by Jonas Selberg and with the help of some of Sweden’s brilliant architects, they were able to create ‘tree rooms’ that are aesthetically pleasing, and still respect the natural environment. There are other cabins that look like nests of birds, yet another that looks like a spaceship and even one that is inspired by the wings of a dragonfly.


Now, the Sal Salis is a safari camp cushioned between the dunes of Australia’s Cape Range National Park, with spectacular views of Ningaloo Coral Reef. This camp is environmentally-friendly and uses renewable energy, plus, there is no internet or phone signal available there, thus, making it the perfect escape from the stresses of everyday life. White sands, crystal clear waters, and bright stars above your head …truly a paradise!!


Now, Chewton Glen is a luxury hotel with an arboreous twist, on the edge of Hampshire’s historic New Forest. You will be able to sleep like royalty in souped-up glass and wood tree houses, lofts and cabins, and every one of these being a calm oasis. Moreover, if you need a dose of civilisation, you can just meander through the trees to the main hotel, where you will find a first-rate restaurant serving modern British cuisine throughout the day as well as afternoon tea. Pretty perfect!!


Now, this amazing resort right in the heart of Torres del Paine National Park is a perfect luxury camping paradise. Trust me, if you spend a night in one of these ecological geodetic domes, looking out to the dramatic snow-tipped mountains, fjords and glaciers just outside, you will never want to leave.


It is a perfect retreat from city life. You can just head head for this eco-resort in the rural Lanzarote. You would be staying in yurts and eco cabins kitted out with Balinese furnishings, powered by wind and solar power and set amidst a mesmerising expanse of volcanic landscape. Plus, as a bonus, the Lanzarote Retreats is also very close to Arrieta Beach, which is basically one of the most unspoilt shorelines on this island.


It is located right at the mouth of the Great Valley Rift in Lauangwa National Park, Tena Tena Camp’s lodge has treetops for a roof. The cabins of this safari camp could not be any more idyllic and you will absolutely enjoy being there whether you go in search of big game (you know what I mean) or not. If you have ever dreamed of having a house straight out of Out of Africa, then this is your chance to see what it feels like to live surrounded by the wild, with all the security in the world and a wonderfully pleasant bed, of course!


These 15 igloos are as enjoyable in sunshine as in snow. They are located on a Swiss hillside, and they are a slightly off-piste place to enjoy nature as well as the commodities of a five-star hotel. Plus, if you have the vigour to do anything more than rest on the huge comfy beds in front of an Alpine view, then their outdoor activities programme will keep you busy all round the year. Activities like awesome mountain walks, paragliding and pony rides in the summer, and skiing and dog-sleds in the winter.


Now, this round cabin in the Cornish woods, was designed like those Iron Age homes. Its fireplaces, Egyptian cotton linens and canopy beds ease you into the pleasant holiday mode, and after that, there is nothing to do except enjoy the peaceful and calm sounds of the song of a bird outside your window. Then, after a refreshing bath, swap fresh for saltwater with a dip in the chilled sea at one of west Cornwall’s brilliant beaches, from St Ives to Botallack.

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